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It is possible that some workshops may change due to unforeseen circumstances. We will do everything we can to accommodate your preferences.

SATURDAY 9 - 10.30  WORKSHOP 1      CHOOSE 1

1A  Lucy Wise

The Basics of Fingerpicking & Strumming
Setting up the body to play the uke can make all the difference in your sound and enjoyment of playing the uke. This session will cover the basics of fingerpicking and strumming technique, and some common fingerpicking and strumming patterns you can apply to different songs in your repertoire.

LEVEL: Beginning fingerpickers, developing strummers

1B Sam Lemann


Using C Jam Blues as starting point, we'll learn some classic swing phrases/riffs that will help shape your solos over a swinging 12 bar blues. Well also look at some nice sounding closed position chords.

LEVEL: Intermediate+

1C Jane and Mark

Be a part of the Valla Beach ukestra where you'll learn contemporary songs arranged into parts for an ukulele orchestra. We will teach two really fun songs: Hold Back the River (James Bay) and Gold on the Ceiling (Black Keys). All levels of players, from advanced to beginners are welcome because there are rocking parts for everyone. Oh and bring your vocal chords too!


1D Ruth Allen

'Building your skills' workshop

Developing the right approach to playing up the neck, barre chord technique.

LEVEL: Those ready to play barre chords

1E  Angie Smith

Strummers Paradise

Channel Freddie as you play your nostalgic way through some quintessential 'QUEEN' classics.

LEVEL: Advanced                              beginners+


SATURDAY 1.00 - 2.30  WORKSHOP 2        CHOOSE 1

Sponsored by

Ukulele Music Australia

2A  Lucy Wise

Arranging a song on the uke
Bring a song alive by using a variety of different strumming or fingerpicking patterns that help to tell the story of the song!


2B Sam Lemann

Basics of Hawaiian Music We'll take the Ukulele back to its rightful home and explore the more traditional side of Hawaiian music. We'll learn the classic 10 bar form, vamps and some of the less obvious strumming patterns.

LEVEL: Advanced  beginners &



2C Mark and Jane

The Building Blocks of

Blues Improvisation:

Sunshine of Your Love

Have you ever wanted to play a ripping Blues solo? This workshop will give you the basics of how to get started, what to use and when! We learn a few Blues songs, but more importantly the riffs that drive them (ps: they are scales). Fun and nostalgic, but also mightily empowering.

LEVEL: Pre-requisites intermediate players, at least one to two years of playing. 

2D Ruth Allen

Ukulele ensemble

Ahoy there! Learn an ensemble arrangement for the Kiwi sea shanty, Soon May the Wellerman Come. Play and sing in 2 or 3 instrumental parts and a vocal part 

LEVEL: Parts for ALL skill levels

2E Ian Porter and Cathy Welsford 

New instrumental music for ukulele

Join with Ian and Cathy to play some examples of new instrumental music from international and Aussie composers: Sam Muir, Choan Galvez, Loretta Notareschi, Paul Mansell, Elisabeth Pfeiffer, David Roche,  Sally Carter, Tony Mizen, Ian Porter, Cathy Welsford

LEVEL: Need to be able to read TAB or notation 

SUNDAY 9-10.30am   WORKSHOP 3     CHOOSE 1


3A  Lucy Wise

Simple songwriting processes

Learn some basic songwriting exercises to help get your creativity flowing! Bring your uke, paper and something to write with.

LEVEL: All budding songwriters!

3B Sam Lemann

South Of The Border
South American melodies were very popular with Ukulele Soloist in the 50's and 60's and were a large part of an instrumentalist repertoire for cocktail parties - and other essential events!
With this in mind, in this session we'll learn "Perfidia". A great melody that been recorded in
many styles but we'll stick to the more South of the Border/Cocktail flavour.

LEVEL: Intermediate+


3C Ruth McCrae 

Looking after your voice

Join Ruth and find new ways to relax and warm your voice; connect your body to your voice; expand your vocal range and enjoy singing in harmony with others! Ruth has been teaching music and singing for almost 3 decades and is looking forward to helping you delve deeper and discover more about your voice!

Bring your ukuleles with you to the session.


3D Ruth Allen

Ukulele ensemble

Wade in the Water /Motherless Child

Playing an ensemble arrangement of these gospel classics, improvising in minor keys

LEVEL: Intermediate+

3E  Angie Smith

Strummers Paradise

'Marvellous Motown!'

Channel the Motown groups and sing all the way to The Chapel of Love.

LEVEL: Advanced                          beginners+



3F John Wallace

Beginner Ubass

Have you just got your new Ubass in your hands? John will get you started learning some essential Ubass basics.

LEVEL: Ubass for beginners

Before you make your selection, please read Workshop Levels below to check

which workshops will be right for you.

Absolute Beginners

Never played ukulele before or less than a few months.  

Advanced Beginners

You have been playing for at least a year. You know many chords but usually only play chords in the first 3 frets. You know some easy picking patterns and a few more strumming patterns than down, up, down, up. You want to develop your picking and strumming skills.


You can confidently play most chords in home position and some up the neck. You use picking patterns and different strums to suit specific songs. You can play some easy riffs and can include these in a song where appropriate.

Advanced Intermediate

You can confidently play many chords including moveable chords and some as bar chords up the neck. You use a variety of picking patterns and different strums to suit specific songs. You can hear the chord changes and are beginning to predict what the next chord could be.


You are comfortable playing in any key and know the chords that belong in that key. You play various inversions of a chord up the neck. You can read tab and/or notation fluently. You are comfortable picking notes and melodies in the higher positions.

All levels

These workshops are specifically designed to cater for players of all levels from beginner to advanced.

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