Absolute Beginners 

I’ve never played ukulele before or just for a few months. 

Advanced Beginners 

I have been playing for at least a year. I know many chords but usually play chords in the first 3 frets. I know some easy picking patterns and more strumming patterns than down, up, down, up. I want to develop my picking and strumming skills.


I can change chords confidently in home position and even play a few up the neck. I sometimes use different strumming and picking patterns to suit specific songs.  I can pick some easy riffs (a little run of notes or a bit of melody) and can include these in a song where appropriate.

Advanced Intermediate

I can confidently play many chords including moveable chords and some as bar chords up the neck. I use a variety of picking patterns and different strums to suit specific songs. I can hear the chord changes and are beginning to predict what the next chord could be. I can read TAB and/or notation but need time to work on it.


I am comfortable playing in any key and know the chords that belong in that key. I play various inversions of a chord up the neck. I can read tab and/or notation fluently and understand the rhythmic notation. I am comfortable picking melodies in higher positions.

All levels

Workshops specifically designed to cater for players of all levels.

 levels for Samantha Muir workshops only
Below are Sam’s expectations for participants

Beginner: How to Read Tab from Scratch

You can’t read tab or notation. You may read chord boxes and play advanced chords but if you can’t read tab then you should opt for the beginner workshop. In this workshop you will learn how to read tab from scratch. All the music will be in tab and notation. You will learn to play simple melodies including Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, When the Saints and Shortnin’ Bread. Chord boxes will also be included as the group will play as an ensemble. If time allows we will look at simple arpeggio patterns and finger picking techniques. 


Intermediate: Playing Melodies and Accompaniments

You can read tab and/or notation but not fluently and mostly in 1st or 2nd positions (meaning you are not comfortable playing in the higher positions). Pieces may include Yellow Bird, Summer Wine, Douce Dame Jolie & Sounds Irish. In this workshop we will also look at playing arpeggio accompaniments and discuss finger picking techniques. 

Advanced: Playing as an Ensemble 

You can read tab and/or notation fluently and understand the rhythmic notation. You are comfortable playing in the higher positions. In this workshop you will learn a selection of pieces in 3 or 4 parts. Examples of pieces include: Kemp’s Jig, Sambalele, Winter by Vivaldi, Sumer Is Icumen In and First Day of Spring. We will also look at advanced finger picking techniques and how to create a beautiful sound. 



All Levels Workshop: Decoding the Fingerboard 

In this workshop students learn a method for understanding the fingerboard. This workshop covers easy scales and basic theory.