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Friday 13 August, 2021 9am – 4pm Urunga NSW

Ukulele institutes will go ahead when the minimum numbers (10) have enrolled








Ukulele and Songwriting with Lucy Wise

For intermediate and more advanced players 

Overall focus for the day

Session One: Fingerpicking & strumming technique

Session Two: Songwriting on the uke

Session Three: Accompanying yourself on uke


Fingerpicking & strumming technique: A general class on fingerpicking & strumming technique including hand position, tone production & different rhythmic patterns.


Songwriting on the uke: A session on songwriting on the uke, focusing on melody & lyric writing and songwriting processes


Accompanying yourself on the uke: Building on the fingerpicking & strumming techniques session, this class will be about accompanying yourself on the uke with ease, including practice techniques for developing your performance, and choosing accompaniment styles that best serve the song.


What will you would achieve/learn in the day?

Learn a variety of fingerpicking and strumming patterns to add to your musical expressive toolkit

Learn about songwriting processes, and make a start at writing your own song

Learn how to arrange a song for accompanying on uke, and how to develop your performance of a song, either for your own enjoyment or for an audience.

Challenge yourself by participating in a full day of learning with experienced teachers and performers.

NOTE: Lucy will run workshops for other skill levels during the weekend on similar topics.

Lucy will provide workshops for other players over the weekend. The workshops will be on the same topics as the Institute workshops but at an easier level. You will have the opportunity to join other challenging workshops and allow others to benefit from Lucy's knowledge and skills.

Jazz, Bossa Nova and Swing with Sam Lemann for intermediate+ players, playing up the neck with interesting barre chords

Jazz Institute Sessions The aim of the jazz institute sessions is to explore aspects of 3 different jazz styles - Swing/ Blues, Bossa Nova and Jazz Ballad. Each session will focus on a well known standard in one of the genres and we will learn the Melody, Chords/Harmony, Comping Style, tips for Chord - Melody, improvising and anything else interesting that great jazz tunes present!


Be prepared to try some stretchy but sweet sounding chords and for single note lines, we'll be using slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs and other articulations to create great sounding melodies.


Session 1 - Swing/Blues: Splanky - By Count Basie


Session 2 - Bossa Nova: Meditation - By Antonio Carlos Jobim


Session 3 - Jazz Ballad: A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square - by Manning Sherwin and Eric 




Sam cropped.jpg

NOTE: Sam will run jazzy workshops for other skill levels during the weekend.

DEVELOPING BASS with Stewart Peters

PRE-REQUISITES: You are NOT a Beginner. This is for players who have played for at least 1 year and understand the 1-5 bass pattern as a starting point!


During each U bass session we will learn various playing styles and patterns to fit various music genres, including Country, Jazz and Rock styles. Working on these three styles, your experience will overlap into other styles.


Session 1 – We will briefly go over the U bass and its parts. We’ll look at the U bass’s benefits and it’s idiosyncrasies. Then we will extend a basic 1 - 5 bass pattern and learn how to spice it up a bit. You will learn how to throw in very simple (but impressive!) licks that will take your u bass playing to a new level.

There will be plenty of scope for less advanced players and more advanced players to work together.


Session 2 – We will look at various Jazz bass styles, including walking bass, cut playing, working away from the root note and even some basic riffs.

Session 3 – We will look at Rock music. Firstly, rock n roll (a la Elvis Presley or Chuck Berry) and moving on to Hard Rock (a la AC DC). By the end of this session you will see how Rock U-bass is all about sitting with the drums or percussion in the ‘engine room’ and laying down a solid Bass foundation for the rest of the band, even on a U Bass!

Towards the end of each session we should be able to fit in a fun Jam Session to a popular song in each genre.

Stewart Peters ASA Awards Dec 16.jpg


The Institutes take place on Friday 13 of August from 9am - 4pm with two breaks for morning tea and lunch. They will be located in the centre of Urunga Village.

You will have time to go to the local food providers for coffee and lunch

For Lucy and Sam's institutes you will need your ukulele, tuner, music stand, pencil, water and snacks.

For the Stewart's BASS Institute you will need a Ubass for preference (or a full size bass), tuner, music stand, pencil, water and snacks. You could bring a SMALL amp if available but it is not essential.

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