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Valla Beach
Ukulele Camp
& Beach Party

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presents for ONE DAY ONLY

Ukulele Jazz with

Sam Lemann

23 July, 2022 in Valla Beach

The aim of this Jazz institute is to explore aspects of 3 different jazz styles – Swing/ Blues, Latin and Jazz Ballad. Each session will focus on a well-known standard in one of the genres and we will learn the Melody, Chords/Harmony, Comping Style, tips for Chord-melody, improvising and anything else interesting that great jazz tunes present!


Be prepared to try some stretchy but sweet-sounding chords. For single note lines, we'll be focusing on tone and articulations using slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs to create great sounding melodies.


The Camp focuses on developing your ukulele skills in workshops, learning together through playing in ensembles, and making new friends in a laid-back beach party atmosphere. It also showcases talented local groups, accomplished camp tutors and dazzling special guest artists in concerts that will thrill and delight.

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